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Download Polarity Browser Terbaru 2014

Download Polarity Browser Terbaru 2014
Download Polarity Browser Terbaru 2014
Download Polarity Browser Terbaru 2014 | Mungkin ada yang bertanya-tanya mengapa saya Memposting Browser ini karena menurut sumber yang saya dengar sat ini Browser yang paling direkomendasikan untuk kita gunakan saat ini ada grlah Polarity Browser dan yang sudah download dan menggunakannya saya kira setuju dengan itu hal itu dan yang belum mencoba bisa Download Browser Polarity Terbaru Gratis karena dibawah ini saya sudah sediakan link downloadnya untuk sobat yang ingin download gratis..

Fitur-Fitur Polarity Browser :

Tab Bar : Tabs are located on the top side of Polarity. Polarity may look different in appearance due to its custom window manager which allows it to be customized and give as much possible space for a web page.
Picture : From left to right: Tabs, Navigation Buttons, Page Info, Omnibar, Voice Recognition, Favorites, Settings.
Omnibar : The omnibar fetches for your past history or results from you bookmarks to quickly navigate to the website.
In the settings menu, you can turn on smart omnibar under common preferences to fetch live results from the internet.
Page Info : It is the icon next to the url. Clicking on it will display a menu with the basic website info. Clicking share will allow you to share the website you are currently on. Clicking on the more button will display more detailed information including the website's security score, cookies, connection, domain, and more.
Voice Recognition (Microphone) : Clicking on the microphone will turn on the speech system in your computer. Polarity will navigate to the best website that matches your search query.
Favorites : All your bookmarked sites are displayed in one simple menu that stays on top of the current browser window. They can be managed in the bookmarks manager and can be added to the speed dial of the new tab page.
Settings Menu
  1. Picture
  2. The settings button at the top right corner will display a menu of all the frequently used actions and access settings of Polarity.
  3. Bookmarks - opens the bookmark manager.
  4. History - opens the history manager.
  5. Home -  navigates to the home page.
  6. Settings - opens settings menu.

Download Polarity Browser Terbaru 2014

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